21 Ways to Celebrate the PCA Results

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On Monday, April 4, there will be 21 days until the April 25 opening of the Performance Culture Assessment (PCA), our survey of coworkers.

We’re listing 21 ways Praise and Celebrations have been ramped up, because recognition is one of the areas you identified in the 2015 survey as needing improvement.

They include:

  1. Leaders Prepare and Serve Breakfast
  2. Breakfasts with Bryan – Hot Springs
  3. Patient Satisfaction Celebration – Morrilton
  4. HealthStream Patient Experience Reports Celebration – Hot Springs
  5. Improved ED throughput and Decreased Wait Times Celebrations – Hot Springs
  6. Central Sterile Celebrates <1% Flash Rate Celebration – Hot Springs
  7. 10×10 Celebration for 10 weeks of 10pm Completions Celebration – Infirmary
  8. Teams Celebrate Regulatory Success – Hot Springs
  9. Materials Management Nears 90 Percent Goal Celebration – Hot Springs
  10. Celebrates Zero Blood Culture Contaminations – Hot Springs
  11. Great Catches / Safety First
  12. Health Department Sustained Excellence for PKU Blood Specimens
  13. Daisy Awards
  14. GEM Awards
  15. Heritage Week Awards
  16. Shining S.T.A.R.
  17. Innovation Award
  18. Patient Transportation Week Awards
  19. Compassionate Care Partner Award
  20. College of American Pathologists (CAP) accreditation of Hot Springs Laboratory and Respiratory Care Laboratory
  21. Promotions