Amanda Sapp Recognized as a Service Hero at North

Congratulations to Amanda Sapp for being recognized as a Service Hero at North. She put our values into action by demonstrating EXCELLENCE after providing a calming spirit during a time when a patient was undergoing a stressful procedure. Read a snip from her nomination below:

Amanda performed my second digital mammogram at CHI St. Vincent North. She was very professional, competent, knowledgeable, and an expert radiology technician. Her nature runs so deep in giving of herself to her patients, which she demonstrates so freely and effortlessly. Her inner strength, calmness, and Godly love are the parts of her character that meant so much to me. After receiving the news that my mammogram revealed a need for further investigation, Amanda came to my side and let me know that she would be there for me with prayer, moral support, and love that passed understanding. Her arm around me, assuring me that she would be there for each and every turn this event may take, and her gentle, calm, loving character poured such great PEACE at a time where fear had taken over. Amanda, (to me as an RN) should be teaching all medical staff in the central Arkansas area how to “be the BEST of the BEST” when it comes to every facet of patient care. She touched my heart and my life in a profound way!!!

Please highly commend Amanda with this award.  I don’t feel any other employee could EVER come close to giving of themselves in the way that Amanda has done for me, beginning Monday December 5, 2016 and each and every time we have spoken or I have come back to CHI St. Vincent North.

God Bless Amanda!! Thank you for the opportunity  to give Amanda some of the credit that is due to her.

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