OneSpirit Blog is all about you—and the people you work with, the patients you serve and the communities you’re part of. It’s a place to share ideas and be part of the conversation.

We get that you’re busy—and maybe not on a computer much at all during your work day. But do you carry a smartphone?

If yes, we’re super excited to introduce to you the OneSpirit Blog mobile app! It lets you access CHI St. Vincent co-worker news anytime, anywhere, from the palm of your hand. Waiting in the coffee line? Taking a break between patients? Caught in a slow elevator? Add the OneSpirit Blog app to the list of what you like to check on your smartphone.

A few other cool things to know about the app:

  • It’s integrated with social media so you can so you can share stories and pics to Facebook or Twitter with a quick click.
  • You can select which communities you want to follow as your default—just your own, or any combo.
  • The app sends notifications (just a couple times a week) to remind you to check out new headlines.

You can find the app for iPhone in the App Store. And it’s available on Google Play for Android devices. Search for “OneSpirit Blog” and/or “CHI St. Vincent.”

Downloading the app is totally voluntary, but we really hope you’ll try it out! We want all of you to be informed, engaged and entertained by all the OneSpirit Blog has to offer!