Celebrate 2016 Heritage Week With Award Nominations

heritagedayawardswinnersstackMore awards. More recognition. More fun. We’re happy to announce Heritage Week celebrations are slated for Sept. 18-24.

As a part of this special time, nominations are now open for the annual service excellence and leadership awards. Flash back to last year’s winners including Joyce Diemer, RN, Juanita Carr, Brent Reichenbach, Cynthia Lasker, RN, Trish Nicholas, RN, and Rhonda Mayfield, RN.

Why take a few moments and nominate a co-worker? It’ll remind you of your own passion for serving as well as feel humbled by the efforts of that special someone who you want to recognize. We all know many folks who are “answering the call” of our mission. Nominees embody our Core Values (Reverence, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence) and go above and beyond in carrying out their ministry to the mind, body and spirit of our patients (and co-workers!).

What is Heritage Week? This is a time when we celebrate the legacy of our founders, the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth and Sisters of Mercy.

How can you nominate someone? Please do so by August 19, 2016. And this year we’ve made it even easier to nominate. Visit the CHI St. Vincent Praise and Celebration Hub at OneSpiritBlog.com/Nominate for the full list of awards. Or visit these links below.

Infirmary, North, Morrilton facility co-workers can nominate for:
Sister Teresa Joseph Babcock Service Excellence Award
Sister Margaret Vincent Blandford Leadership Award

Hot Springs co-workers can nominate for:
Sister Dorothy Calhoun Service Excellence Award
Ray Pelton Leadership Award

Each award link will give you more history of the awards, the qualifications and the online nomination form. If you have any questions, please direct them to Patrick McCruden, Vice President of Mission Integration, at pmccruden@stvincenthealth.com.