NEW! Important Message From CEO Chad Aduddell

As part of our Living Our Mission journey, I’m excited to launch a new communication tool we’re referring to as Chad Chats. With a growing ministry of over 4,500 coworkers, 4 acute care hospitals and 70 clinics, it’s hard for me to personally connect with each of you. However, I want to keep you in the loop about the progress we’re making on our Living Our Mission journey.

That’s why I am committed to creating video chats, like this one, on a regular basis throughout the year to share my thoughts and provide transparent feedback about what’s working well and what we need to improve.

I invite you to take five minutes and watch the video to learn more about the progress of our ministry. I hope you will see this as a positive effort to enhance communication. Thank you for all you do to help us Live Our Mission to extend the healing ministry of Christ!

Have a great 2017.
Chad S. Aduddell