Charles Simmons Recognized as Service Hero at Infirmary

Congratulations to Charles Simmons for being recognized as a Service Hero at the Infirmary. Read a snip from his nomination below.

We had to recently replace our traction splints in the ED due to loss. Charles is a paramedic and helped to ensure that his coworkers knew how to use the equipment and then helped to place the new one on a patient with a femur fracture (first person to use equipment). Charles made sure that the bag that held the equipment had a sticker with the patient’s name on it so we could track it down. When he worked on Monday (extra shift – crazy day), he called to the 4th floor to see if the splint was there, it wasn’t, as it had been removed in the OR. When contacting the OR, he found out that the pole part of the splint had been inadvertently thrown away. He contacted our environmental services after he found the trash had been picked up and went through the trash to find the pole to the splint.

While this doesn’t sound huge, patients with femur fractures have significant pain and can have significant blood loss if the fracture is not properly reduced. Charles took the time to make sure that we have our equipment available to care for the next patient that comes through our doors with a need. I am proud of the ownership Charles demonstrated for the Emergency Department and the patients that need our care!”