Leaders Donate to Jericho Way Resource Center

Jericho Way DonationThe CHI St. Vincent Infirmary leadership team, led by Polly Davenport, donated items including $600, business professional clothing and personal hygiene items to Jericho Way Resource Center. The items will be used to help transition the homeless, who are served at the center, into the workforce.  The leadership team chose to donate this Christmas as a demonstration of our Living Our Mission of Service to the poor and vulnerable.

Polly Davenport, Patrick McCruden and Chris Stines met and presented the donation to Sister Elizabeth and Calandra Davis December 16.

In March, the nonprofit Depaul USA, committed to helping the homeless, and rooted in the Catholic tradition of St. Vincent de Paul, assumed leadership of the Little Rock city-operated Jericho Way Resource Center for homeless people.

Special appreciation to the following leaders who contributed to this offering: Polly Davenport, Patrick McCruden, Susan Pastor, Sharon Markham, Jennifer Bowe, Penny Sikes, George Moore, Tabitha Breshears, Roger Swayze, Shawnte Hill, Todd Sann,  Brandy Powell, JD Martin, Angie Longing, Kevin Cullinan, Amy Funderburk and Chris Stines.

Pictured left to right: Sister Elizabeth (Depaul USA), Polly Davenport (President, Infirmary), Chris Stines (Market Director Neurosciences), Calandra Davis (Depaul USA Volunteer Coordinator), Patrick McCruden (Chief Mission Officer).