Co-Workers Fund 19 Scholarships for Spring

Co-worker scholarship recipients along with leadership at the scholarship breakfast.

This week, CHI St. Vincent Foundation celebrated and honored the accomplishments of 19 co-workers they will support on their educational journeys. This included co-workers from the Infirmary, Hot Springs, North, Morrilton and the clinics. They are pursuing Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Masters and Doctorates in nursing, information management and public health.

These scholarships are made available through the generosity of our CHI St. Vincent co-workers, who chose to support this through last fall’s Co-worker Campaign. Because of their support, the Foundation is able to award these 19 scholarships for spring semester tuition and fees. These are in addition to the seven awarded last July to help offset fall tuition.

“We are truly blessed to have these co-workers – the donors and our recipients – who understand the transformative power of improving one’s education,” said Laura Cook, Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer. “We benefit from this, but more importantly, our patients benefit because it’s directly impacting the delivery of care they receive at CHI St. Vincent.”

Co-worker Scholarships:

Beneda Belford-Loy, Radiology, Hot Springs

Scott Fikes, Infomatics, Infirmary

Candice Graham, RN, North

Christy Graves, RN, Hot Springs

Brenda Hand, NICU, Infirmary

Lisa Hicks, NICU, Infirmary

Charity Hixon, QRM, Hot Springs

Nisa Kahn, Infomatics, Infirmary

Elanna Lee, Patient Care Services, Hot Springs

Michael Long, Heart Center Admin, Hot Springs

Rachel McBride, LPN, Heart Clinic

Laura Mulder, QRM, Morrilton

Tammy Rash, Health Information Management, Hot Springs

Vicky Sanders, Patient Care Services, Hot Springs

Shontel Stott, OR, Infirmary

Holly Taylor, Perioperative Residency, Infirmary

Nina Ukadike, Office Coordinator, South Clinic

Gary Washam, ICU, North

Julie Young, NICU, Infirmary