Community Care Clinic Named Service Hero

commcareclinicCongratulations to the staff of CHI St. Vincent Community Care – Hot Springs for their winning nomination for a Service Hero award, presented by the CHI Praise & Celebration team.

Here’s the story:

“A patient of Dr. Donald Blagdon recently went to the office to get some paperwork and she was crying in the clinic. She was upset because her son had graduated kindergarten and none of his family showed up to support him on his big day. The child asked his mother where everyone was and said he was sad because no one came to his graduation. When Dr. Blagdon’s staff asked the patient why she was crying, she told them what had happened to her son.

Moved by the story, some of the clinic’s coworkers went out on their lunch break and purchased a card and some presents with their own money. They called the mother back and asked if she could bring her son back to the clinic because they had something for him.

When mother and son arrived, our coworkers gave the boy his gifts and told him how very proud they were of him. The mother said her son hasn’t stopped smiling since he left the clinic.”

Thanks to these coworkers for #CHILivingOurMission.

Do you know a Hot Springs Service Hero? You can nominate at