Complete Your Personal Health Assessment and Biometric Screening

Biometric Screens

You will receive a $150 medical plan premium reduction on your paycheck between July and December 2016. If your enrolled spouse participates, you could each get $150 off the cost of your health insurance.  But you’ll have to complete the personal health assessment and biometric screening first. The biometric screening includes a check of your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, height and weight.

How to register for Biometric Screenings:

  1. Go to (Log in using user name and password) *May be asked to complete CHI Survey & Consent first.
  2. Select “Screening Sign Up.”
  3. Use dropdown menus to select event type and location. Select desired date.
  4. Select desired time and click “Register.”

Then go back to the link above, to complete your personal health assesement.  When the link opens, click on the My Health Assesement box and complete the form.