Coworker Memorial Meditation Garden at the Infirmary

CHI St. Vincent Infirmary is pleased to announce the development of a Coworker Memorial Meditation Garden. Located adjacent to the Chaplain’s Office, near the West elevators, is a beautiful patio designed for meditation and spiritual renewal, and for remembering our coworkers who shared their lives with us prior to their passing.

This spiritual space includes a prayer labyrinth where individuals can find spiritual healing and renewal as they walk a curved path, leading to the center where they leave their burdens and stress, and then follow the path outward, feeling refreshed and enlightened. There is a beautiful mailbox to hold prayer requests which our chaplains will pray for and offer spiritual support. The benches, chairs, fountain, artwork, and a wind chime are designed for a peaceful meditative experience.

Equally important is a Wall of Remembrance, with names of our coworkers who have passed away, but whom we want to remember and say prayers of thanksgiving for their friendship and service to our ministry.

The Nursing Roles and Relationship Committee of Congress wanted to give coworkers and visitors a sacred space to facilitate spiritual health and healing. Their vision became a reality through the generosity of the Infirmary’s Auxiliary and Service Excellence Employee Council, and the blessing from our President Polly Davenport, who is committed to reverence and coworker engagement.

May you all find healing and renewal as you “come to the quiet” and share in this beautiful garden of memories.

All of our other campuses are working toward creating their own Coworker Memorial Meditation Garden. To learn more, contact Chaplain Cindy Goza.

If you have a coworker you would like to honor, fill out the form with as much detail as you can give.