D1 Sports Training and Therapy Invades KARK Channel 4’s Instagram

d1D1 Sports Training and Therapy is taking over KARK Channel 4’s Instagram account on Wednesday, December 7.

D1 partners with CHI St. Vincent to offer top local, board-certified sports medicine physical therapists to their clients to bridge the gap between rehab and continued athletic activity. Their fully-functional outpatient physical therapy clinics specialize in athletic injuries in a professional, motivating and sports-oriented environment.

KARK is promoting the takeover to their 330,000 social media followers on Facebook and Instagram allowing us to continue to reach a brand new audience.

No other healthcare system in Arkansas is attempting this type of targeted messaging and CHI St. Vincent is excited to be the first! We encourage everyone to share the news and follow along December 7 as the takeover is happening!

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