Daina Potter RN Infirmary Puts Her Passion to Work for Arkansas

Daina Potter RNGovernor Asa Hutchinson recently appointed Daina Potter, RN, 4E PCC at Infirmary to the Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Advisory Committee. She applied for the opportunity to serve because getting people to stop smoking or never start smoking is a passion for her.

Her father, who was a smoker, died when he was just 55 years old.  Daina says she has been successful in getting others not to smoke. She has four children. All are adults and they don’t smoke.

Daina will be on the committee until October 2019.  The committee advises and assists the Arkansas Board of Health in carrying out the provisions of the Tobacco Settlement Proceeds Act of 2000.

Congratulations to Daina for finding a way to use her passion to help others.