Dr. Bordador Recognized as Service Hero

Pictured: Dr. Ross, Dr. Bordador and Tony Houston

Congratulations to Dr. Bordador, Hospitalist in Hot Springs for being recognized as a service hero for November.

Below is a snip from his nomination:

“Dr. Bordador is always available to assist and provide the answers you need. He is focused on family and the patient and takes extra time to explain the patient’s condition and the treatment plan. Moreover, he is someone who goes above and beyond. Specifically, he even helped a nurse draw blood from a patient who was a very difficult stick.

“He is an exceptional physician and someone who truly cares about his work, his patients and us—the coworkers. We are blessed to have him on this team and working at our hospital!”

Dr. Ross helped present the award and noted that this recognition is culmination of several years of feedback—he continues to be recognized for outstanding care over and over again. He’s even been noted for helping coordinate a birthday celebration for a patient.

Congrats Dr. Bordador!