Dr. Brown Named Hot Springs Service Hero

IMG_3119bCHI St. Vincent Hot Springs awarded a Service Hero Award to Emergency Department Physician Ross Brown, MD, for #CHILivingOurMission.

CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs President Tony Houston presented the award, which is given after feedback received from www.chistvincent.com/praise.

Here’s an excerpt from the nomination letter written about Dr. Brown:

“It came to our attention that a young member of our community was brought in with an accidental gunshot and transferred to Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Dr. Ross Brown took it upon himself to send a large bouquet of flowers to this young lady and signed the entire ED staff’s names to the flowers. It truly was above and beyond and let this young lady, who was scared and hurt, know that our community was sending love. Dr. Brown is one of our newest members of our community. It certainly showed he is #CHILivingOurMission.”