Dr. Jason Talburt and Tom Bozzay, PA, Recognized as Service Heroes at Infirmary

Congratulations to Dr. Jason Talburt and Tom Bozzay, PA, for being recognized as Service Heroes at Infirmary. They put our values into action by demonstrating COMPASSION and EXCELLENCE after personally driving a patient to another facility for emergency surgery when transportation couldn’t be secured. Read a snip from their nomination:

We had a patient present to the emergency department (ED) with a foot that was cold and pulse-less. They were found to have an arterial occlusion after a CTA of the extremity was performed. This patient needed a vascular surgeon and we did not have one on-call for the Infirmary. UAMS was contacted by Dr. Christie Del Castillo-Heygi and accepted by their vascular surgeon. After emergency transport couldn’t be secured and several phone calls were placed between ED staff and MEMS staff/supervision, Dr. Jason Talburt and Tom Bozzay, PA, loaded this patient with a monitor, into their personal vehicle and drove them to UAMS so that he could go to the operating room. Their selfless actions allowed for this patient to have re-vascularization of his lower limb. These two did not hesitate to step outside of the box to provide the care that the patient needed at the time, even if the only care he could give was transportation. I am so thankful for Dr. Talburt and Tom and their willingness to show compassion to others.

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