Dr. Leonides Bermejo Recognized as Service Hero at Hot Springs

Congratulations to Dr. Leonides Bermejo, Neurologist, for being recognized as a Service Hero at Hot Springs. She put our values into action by demonstrating Compassion and Reverence after continually honoring her coworkers and patients with her kindness and respect. Read a snip from her nomination below:

I want to recognize Dr Bermejo for this award because of her unwavering show of compassion and reverence for all who she comes in contact with. She is pleasant and respectful of staff every time that she comes to our unit. She takes time to interact with the team that is caring for her patients, get their input, and answer questions. She shows kindness to families, and goes out of her way to be available when needed.

In one instance, I was caring for a patient with an extremely poor prognosis who had no local family. The family was traveling to get here, and had a lot of questions. Dr. Bermejo checked with me before she left that day, and even told me that I could call her when the family arrived. She left her dinner plans to come speak with the family, show them the patient’s MRI and answer their many questions. When you are faced with losing a loved one, waiting until the morning for answers must feel like forever. Dr Bermejo recognizes the needs and concerns of her patients, their families and the staff that are caring for that patient. This was just one example, but there are many.

Recently, I spoke with her about my 13-year-old daughter applying to attend a conference for girls interested in careers in math or science. My daughter is interested in neurology, so I told her that I would ask Dr. Bermejo a few questions about why she chose her specialty. Dr. Bermejo went a step further and called my daughter to allow her to ask her questions directly.

Even though I know that she is extremely busy, she always attends to each patient thoroughly and responds to concerns patiently. I am always impressed with her knowledge, commitment and demeanor. She exemplifies our core values in every situation, every time.

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