Dr. Ron Kaler is ‘Our Hero’

Kaler_RonTo celebrate Doctors’ Day on March 30, we asked our patients and co-workers why they appreciate their doctor. Watch for more of these stories as we continue #CHILivingOurMission.

Dr. Ron Kaler, a surgeon with CHI St. Vincent Surgery Clinic – Hot Springs, made an impact on patient Joe Johnson and his wife, Charlene.

“Every day I think of the wonderful care and calming reassurance Dr. Ron Kaler gave to my dear husband, Joe, and to myself, on a frightening day last summer,” Charlene wrote. “Joe presented [on a Friday evening] with a ruptured intestine, contents of which were filling his abdominal cavity. He needed to have his abdominal cavity cleaned and life-saving surgery which included a stoma and colostomy.

“You brought him through surgery, sepsis, and pneumonia. You gave his life back to him. Learning of Patty Duke’s death from this same condition made me very sad. Today, Joe is healthy. You are our Hero!”