Dr. Whorton ‘Listens Thoroughly and Can’t Be Beat’

whorton2To celebrate Doctors’ Day, we asked our patients and co-workers why they appreciate their doctor. Watch for more of these stories as we continue #CHILivingOurMission.

Paula Bettis writes that Pediatrics and Internal Medicine physician Dr. Greg Whorton, of  CHI St. Vincent Primary Care – Hot Springs – 70 West, ‘Listens thoroughly.”

“Dr. Greg Whorton has taken care of our family for many years. He has seen our kids through transition to adulthood. He has helped my husband and me as we were suffering through several illnesses.

“He listens thoroughly and has a bedside manner that can’t be beat.

“I have been making some better choices nutritionally. We turned the corner at the grocery store after loading up with pizzas. There he WAS! I was so embarrassed. He might have checked out our cart but still kindly asked how I was doing and chatted for a few minutes. I promise I haven’t bought a pizza since and my cholesterol is doing better too! One doesn’t want to disappoint Dr. Whorton.”