Eugene Tillman Recognized as a Service Hero at Hot Springs

Congratulations to Eugene Tillman, EVS, for being recognized as a Service Hero at Hot Springs. He put our values into action by demonstrating INTEGRITY after always having a cheerful attitude towards every situation he faces. Read a snip from his nomination:

I wanted to take a moment to nominate Eugene Tillman from EVS. During our busy, often hectic days, a chance encounter in the hallway with Eugene will always get you a smile. I’m certain there must be times or days where he is tired or frustrated that he is being called to an area to pick up something that the prior shift didn’t get to or being called upon to handle an area of need, but you would never know that from your encounter with him. Same pleasant smile and hello, every time. I recently found myself on the elevator with him. As we often do in our weekly grind, we greet each other with a simple “Sure am glad it’s Friday.” I found myself saying this to Eugene. He smiled as he always does. I followed up by asking about his coming weekend. He simply smiled and said I will be here working. I feel certain that most of us would have followed that with a negative comment or a change in our posture. Not Eugene. You would have thought he was about to be on vacation. That is what I have grown to enjoy about our brief, but rewarding encounters. I find myself seeking him out to say hello, because his demeanor brightens my day. Our department appreciates the work he does and I truly enjoy the simple smile and hello.

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