Every Day is Patient Safety Day

Pt Safety - 2Each year the National Patient Safety Foundation designates a week to highlight and celebrate Patient Safety. This year’s week is March 13 – 19.  The theme is United in Safety.

It fits perfectly with our SafetyFirst program. Through United in Safety we can renew our shared commitment to practice behaviors and techniques that have been proven to prevent and reduce errors and harm to our patients and create a safe workplace.

This is also a great time to celebrate our success.  Look for the Great Catches that are being displayed on the video walls, on the OneSpirit Blog and in the weekly Great Catches sent to department leaders. These are examples of our strides made towards a Culture of Safety! The safety of our patients and co-workers always comes first!

Let’s renew our focus for patient and workplace safety this week. Here are a few things each of us can do:

  • Prevent Falls – Coach patients and families to press the call button or ask for help before getting out of bed. Wipe your feet; wipe up a spill.
  • Right Patient – Check patient ID before giving medications, meals, blood draws and all procedures. Coach patients to remind staff to do this. A helpful reminder is good!
  • ARCC – Don’t hesitate to Act. Good communication is key – Ask a question; make a Request; voice a Concern; and activate the chain of Command.
  • Prepare Patients – Make sure they have all items needed for successful care at discharge including medications and discharge instructions. Ask them to repeat back the instructions.

United in Safety is a win for all! To learn more about National Patient Safety Week click this link.