Fitbit Fitness Frenzy !

Fitbit photo

You can still buy a Fitbit through the My Healthy Spirit website. Fitbits track your steps, distance and calories burned. Some will even track your sleep patterns and flights of stairs climbed. Best of all, once you set up your Fitbit account and sync the Fitbit to your Wellness site, your Fitbit will sync wirelessly from your home computer and certain smartphone devices. Your Fitbit will help you with our upcoming fitness challenge – where you, your co-workers and spouse (if eligible) participate as a team, be active and track your progress. While purchasing a discounted Fitbit through My Healthy Spirit is only available to employees, spouses can purchase their own through any Fitbit retailer and sync it with the Wellness site. Plus, you and your spouse can still earn wellness points with your Fitbit even after the challenge is over. Simply log in one time per week, throughout the year, to earn up to 20 points!

If you have questions, please call Terry Gartin, RN, Healthy Spirit wellness champion for CHI St. Vincent, at 501-662-4573 or email her.