Georgette Rice Receives Service Hero Award at Infirmary

Polly Davenport, Georgette Rice and Jenny Bowe

Congratulations to Georgette Rice, from 8E, for being recognized as a Service Hero at the Infirmary. Read a snip from her nomination below:

“I was going through the cafeteria and noticed a gentleman wearing magenta colored scrubs. He had bandages on his arms, and was not wearing shoes. He was standing in the food court.
As I approached, Georgette and I looked at each other, knowing that this is a patient from a specific area than would not normally be in the cafeteria.

She was standing right by him and gently began questioning him as to which unit he came from, did his nurse know where he was and was he supposed to be here alone. She was very kind to him and spoke with a calm, reassuring voice.

I could not hear his responses, but she told him to come with her and she would take him back to the emergency department. He followed her instruction and was returned safely to his department.

Someone else might not have had this concern, but she skipped getting her food to make sure he was taken care of and returned to where he was supposed to be.”