Get the Best IT Service from My IT Support Portal

We’ve been using our new ITS Service Desk in the Southeast Division for nearly two weeks. To help ensure you get the best service, here are some reminders about asking for IT help.

  • Access the new online My IT Support portal at Complete a one-time registration step, and then you’ll be able to:
    • Submit tickets online.
    • Skip the phone call and have a live online chat with a service desk agent.
    • See the status of your tickets on your online dashboard.
  • If you are emailing the ITS Service Desk, please send your email to
  • Call the ITS Service Desk. The phone number hasn’t changed. You will hear a new phone menu, and your call will be answered by a new team.
  • The new ITS Service Desk is live for the only the Southeast Division. All other divisions—except the Texas Division—and national offices are slated to go live July 27.

Questions? Please email You may also refer to the My IT Support job aids, or visit the ITS Managed Services Transition page on InsideCHI.

ITS Service Desk – Service Level Metrics