Great Catch by Mary Galloway, RN at Infirmary

Mary GallowayA patient had a reaction to an antibiotic.  The physician ordered 25 mg Benadryl IVP to be given.  The medication was sent from pharmacy in a bag with a pre-printed label of 25 mg of Benadryl.

Mary Galloway, RN scanned the bar code on the bag and the medication was accepted into the MAR.  Upon further examination Mary noticed that the vial in the bag was a 50 mg Benadryl vial instead of a 25 mg vial.  The bag label and vial did not match.  Mary caught the different dose before giving it to the patient.  She notified Pharmacy of the wrong dosage.

Mary had the SafetyFirst expectation to Pay Attention to Detail.  She Used the SafetyFirst technique STAR(Stop, Think, Act, Review).  She stopped the patient from receiving a higher dose than ordered of Benadryl.

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