Great Catch by Cindy Green, RN at Morrilton

Cindy Green 3

On admission, patients sign a waiver acknowledging that CHI St. Vincent is not responsible or liable for personal belongings. However, lost items are a major expense for the hospital.  Cindy Green, RN, Med/Surg at Morrilton, noticed that her patient was missing his hearing aid. She asked the patient’s wife and she said she placed it with her things, but when she checked it was not there.  A search of the hospital did not turn up the hearing aid, but that evening the wife found it at her home.

One SafetyFirst expectation is to Have a Questioning Attitude.  Cindy questioned the hospital staff and the patient’s family to determine the location of the hearing aid.  She Stopped & Resolved, the issue before it became a problem for the patient and an expense for the hospital.

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