Great Catch Contests Searching for Mistakes Before They Happen

Great Catch Contest HeaderEveryone can compete in two Safety First contests now through June 30.  Great Catch contest entries are being accepted to recognize facilities and departments reporting the highest rate of Great Catches.  Those are mistakes that are caught before any harm was caused to a patient, visitor or co-worker.

Co-workers across all of CHI St. Vincent have already caught mistakes before they caused harm.  Safety coaches are increasing awareness of how to prevent errors.  We’re all asked to pay attention to detail, have a questioning attitude, stop and resolve an issue and use the STAR technique to Stop, Think, Act and Review.

There’s a trophy to be presented to the hospital that reports the highest rate and ice cream or pizza for the department that reports the highest rate of Great Catches.

Submit your contest entries to your department/unit Safety Coach or as follows:

Legacy & Clinics
Jenny Bradford & Clair Sowell @

Hot Springs
Kathryn Goad