Great Catches – January 2017

The WHY: We want to reinforce and build accountability throughout our facilities by practicing safety behaviors and making BEST PRACTICES our personal WORK HABITS. This is a significant step in our Living Our Mission Journey to create a “Great place to work, practice medicine, and deliver excellent, compassionate care.”

January’s Great Catches

Jan. 4 Cassie Niotis, Multi-Modality Tech, North Radiology
Jan. 11 Mandy Hicks, CPHT, Hot Springs Surical ICU
Jan. 12 Shawna Andrews, Morrilton ED
Jan. 17 Sierra Moore, Pharmacist, Hot Springs
Jan. 18 Summer Hunt, Multi-Modality Tech, Morrilton
Jan. 23 Mandy Hicks Hot Springs Pharmacy
Jan 29 Sylvia Holeman, Infirmary Transportation
Jan 30 Shane Barrett, Pharmacist, Hot Springs Pharmacy

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