Greg Long Receives Service Hero Award at Infirmary

service-hero-3Congratulations to Greg Long, EVS, for being recognized as a Service Hero at the Infirmary. Read a snip from his nomination below.

“One of the other managers and I were in the medical library talking after bed huddle when a man burst in. He was disheveled , bleeding form the forehead and agitated. Queena and I were alone with this man who appeared increasing agitated. We were able to talk him out of the library. We were trying with some difficulty to get him to the lobby and/or ER to be looked at for the head injury. Greg Long was vacuuming the hallway outside the library and saw the agitated man. He stopped what he was doing, recognized there was concern and walked with Queena and I to get the man to the lobby. Security was called. The man ran off. However, Greg’s presence helped ease mine and Queena’s anxiety and very likely kept the man’s agitation from escalating.”