Hardcastle and Tippett Featured on Aug. 1 TV Segment

Real men wear gowns and in this case, scrubs, too.

THV11’s Craig O’Neill shared the story of a nurse who turned into a patient suffering from the effects of high blood pressure.

Visit the clinic off JFK any day and you’re likely to find Nurse Christopher Hardcastle working closely with Nurse Practitioner Amanda Tippitt. You wouldn’t think a nurse would need to be reminded. Guess again.

“I was having some headaches and I knew those were the signs of high blood pressure and I’ve had high blood pressure in the past.”

Instantly nurse became patient, and in Christopher’s case, this was a tough role reversal.

“You know I like to be the one in charge.”

Nope. Not this time. High blood pressure can be an early warning sign of heart attack and stroke. Still, this checkup was tough.

“Having to listen to someone else tell me the things I need to do, that’s kind of humbling.”

He’s now on a low fat, low carbohydrate diet, ordered to get rest, and is taking medications for both high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

“We’ll recheck him in several months and see if his high cholesterol has started to lower as well as start him on a low cholesterol low sodium diet and initiating exercise program.”

“I have to begin practicing what I preach and eating more healthy. You want to be around for your family and friends for a long time and going to a doctor on a regular basis can make sure that happens.”

Sometimes it’s those things closest to us that need to be reinforced the most.

Though Christopher is in healthcare, it doesn’t hurt to hear our regular affirmation: Real Men Wear Gowns.