Healthy Spirit Webinar – Supermarket Savvy

In this webinar participants will receive information, tips, and resources empowering them to make smarter, healthier food choices when grocery shopping. Participants will learn how to plan a shopping experience, create healthier meals, read food labels and effectively navigate the grocery store.

Watch this webinar then finish a short quiz. Complete these steps and earn $25 per webinar toward your Health Account Contribution.

Instructions on how to participate:

• Log in to Inside CHI and visit My Healthy Spirit (MHS)
• Click on “Your Wellness” to access your MHS wellness home page
• Click on “Visit Your Wellness Website”
• Click on the top-left dropdown menu icon and select ACT
• Scroll down to additional activities. Click on Webinars.
• Select the webinar that interests you or that is available.

Your Healthy Spirit Champion’s contact information can be found on My Healthy Spirit.

Future Healthy Spirit webinars include:
  • From the Ground Up (May 2017)
  • Mind-Body Nutrition (June 2017)