Heath Lafavors Recognized as Service Hero at Infirmary

Congratulations to Heath Lafavors for being recognized as a Service Hero at the Infirmary. Read a snip from his nomination that was written by a coworker from Radiology:

“Heath came to our department on two consecutive days. The first day, Heath came down with his patient from ICU. While he was down in our department (Radiology), there was another patient being scanned as well. When that patient was finished, he proceeded to tell us that he had used the bathroom all over himself. Health proceeded to volunteer to help clean the patient so we didn’t have to do it by ourselves.

The next day, Heath came down to pick up a transfer to his unit from the ED. While in our department, there was a patient waiting to be scanned–and like the day before, the patient used the bathroom all over themselves. Health proceeded to help clean that patine up as well. On two consecutive days, Heath performed the same task. And although it seems small, it was a huge help. It helped us keep our pace and stopped us from having other patients wait for their scans. Health stepped up, helped us out and took initiative.”