Heritage Week Prize Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the recent Heritage Week events. Hopefully it added some fun to your week and you learned some history about our ministry.

If you see your name listed below, please stop by the Marketing Department to redeem your prize or email rjjones@stvincenthealth.com.

Heritage Quiz Winners (Amazon Gift Cards)
Mark Francis
Christle Loudermilk

Who Am I Now Quiz (Amazon Gift Cards)
Michelle Estlinbaum
Kirk Davis

Spirited Selfie Winners
Wayne Bayless
Michelle Bayless
Tamme Kinney
Jason Buck
Lana Lambert
Betty Irvin
Candice Rhea
Ann Loring
Amber Goodale
Barb Ellis-Erby
Bryan Williams
Ricky Shelton
Tonya Baier
Ryan West
Megan Cotton
Mike Long
John Smith
Armando Oretga
Brian Morgan
Summer Hunt
Maria Whitt
Liz Mayhan
Mariah Bradford
Michelle Staggs