Hot Springs ED Named Service Hero For Teamwork

erserviceheroCongratulations to the staff of the Emergency Department at CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs for being named a Hot Springs Service Hero.

Here’s the story of #CHILivingOurMission teamwork:

Emergency Medical Services reported a 14-year-old was on the way in. Without hesitation or question, co-worker Wynonna McBride stepped up as primary. Emergency Department paramedic Cheyenne Phillips assisted in preparing the room in anticipation of this patient’s arrival.

Almost simultaneously, EMS reported a stab wound to the neck, possibly involving the jugular. Andrew Terauchi was the primary RN with Cayleb Meeks, in his first shift fresh off of orientation, assisted.

Dr. Beau Admire was scheduled to leave but stayed to help Dr. Cassi Cole.

Triage nurse Wes Boyce then notified staff that there was a STEMI. Boyce volunteered to take the patient to the room and begin the necessary care.

Colleen Reid was the house supervisor on duty and was in the Emergency Department in anticipation of other patients arriving. She called for an ICU nurse and Shey Dejanovich came down to help Boyce care for the STEMI patient.

Amber Anderson was assisting with the code in room 1, she looks up to see the trauma patient heading to surgery with the OR team. Meeks and Terauchi quickly transition to assist with the pediatric patient. Anderson was able to check on the STEMI, each time being assured “we’re good.”

Others who were involved included Julio Garcia, Summer Honeywell and Terri Seales.

That’s teamwork at its finest and part of #CHILivingOurMission.

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