Hot Springs Expanding Community Prevention Efforts

In 2016, our Hot Springs campus was awarded a $71,510 Violence Prevention Grant to address violence prevention through suicide prevention efforts for Garland County. This was part of the campus’ mission to offer more community services related to violence prevention.

Susie Reece was hired as a grant coordinator to monitor the ongoing efforts and pinpoint areas within the community where partnerships could be formed. After six months of great success, a couple new team members will be added to bolster the hospital’s prevention efforts.

The focus of CHI St. Vincent prevention efforts will be in expanding opportunities to educate on comprehensive wellness, supporting existing infrastructures of care and helping to reinforce and enhance programs which will propel Garland County forward,” Reece said.

One full-time and one part-time substance use prevention specialists will be added in May thanks to a Substance Abuse Prevention Block Grant Hot Springs will be receiving on May 1, from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration through the Arkansas Department of Behavioral Health Services.

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