Hot Springs Hosts Farewell Reception for Deacon Bill

We are fortunate in that many of our coworkers have a profound impact on our ministry. Deacon Bill is one of those people, but as they say, all good things must come to an end. After seventeen years of dedication to our ministry, Deacon Bill Friedman is retiring. Deacon Bill has been giving spiritual leadership in Hot Springs since 2001. On Friday, June 29, Hot Springs held a reception to thank him for his years of service and to wish him peace and happiness in his retirement. Many of those who Deacon Bill has touched during his time stopped by to wish him well. Deacon Bill was presented with a framed and signed image of the chapel St. Joseph stained glass that noted his years of service, and a plaque was hung in his honor beneath the crucifix in the hospital lobby.

Thank you, Deacon Bill, for personifying the core values of CHI and for your dedication to our healing ministry.