Hot Springs Scholarship Recipients for 2017

On Monday, July 17 at the leadership meeting, seven Hot Springs coworkers were presented scholarships through the Foundation.

Bionca Tolich $2,500
Eric Raggan $1,000
Becky Lambert $1,000
Yadira Lara-Dugan $1,000
Heather Clayton $1,000
Tyler Porterfield $1,000
Rebecca Olcott $1,000

“This is always an exciting time as we love to assist our coworkers in achieving higher education and improving the delivery of care at CHI St. Vincent.” Laura Cook, Sr. Vice President, Marketing & Development

Nine of the 43 scholarships being awarded across the system were funded through the generosity of other coworkers through the coworker campaign. Thirty-four scholarships were funded by donors from the community.

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