Infirmary Hosts Sweethearts for STEMI Education

sh-3CHI St. Vincent Infirmary hosted The American Heart Association Sweethearts on December 21 as part of an eight-month program that focuses on teaching the young women about heart health and healthy lifestyle choices.

The focus of the day was the importance of calling 911 as soon as a person experiences chest pain.

The Sweethearts heard from the team at MEMS about running a 12 lead EKG, recognizing a STEMI and working with the ER so that the hospital team is prepared to process the patient. Following this talk the MEMS team ran a mock STEMI so the young women could see the process in action.

The groups then learned about the process cardiac catheterization and placing stents in the heart, and a trip to the operating room.

Many Sweethearts said that tour of the Operating Room was their favorite part of the day.

To wrap up the day the young women learned about the importance cardiac rehabilitation and how this program focused on diet and exercise can help decreases the risk of complications and recurring heart attacks.

This event is historically a favorite among Sweethearts, in part because of the custom Sweetheart scrubs they receive.