Innovation Award Goes to Moore

Innovation1215-GeorgeMoore1George Moore, BSN, RN, is the winner of the December 2015 Innovation Award at CHI St. Vincent.

Moore is the nurse manager of MICU and SICU at CHI St. Vincent Infirmary.

Moore’s unit had a patient who was a partial quad with only gross motor abilities in the upper extremities. The call button would not work for him and allow him to also have a TV. Moore suggested the patient use the tether alarm to alert nurses if he needed them  since he could move enough to pull the cord off the tether.

The Innovation Award is presented to a person or department at CHI St. Vincent that has implemented a creative solution to a problem or has made a positive impact on patient care in an innovative way. Innovation Award nominations are made by members of the Patient Care Leadership Council (PCLC) at the monthly meetings. Nominations may be forwarded to a manager by a co-worker or may be made by any PCLC member. PCLC members may self-nominate their own area of responsibility.