Jeff Erwin Named Hot Springs Service Hero

Many people excel at their job. They work hard, perform well, work with others – in short – they are great coworkers. Some coworkers really take it to the next level. Not only do they excel at their duties, but they constantly ask how they can impact our patients in a more positive way.

Ten years ago, Jeff Erwin noticed that many patients had limited or no family to visit and comfort them during their hospital stay. He saw a need to be present to those patients in a unique and heart-warming way, so he started the “Help with Healing” program. He contacts local schools and provides materials for them to create “Get Well” cards for our patients as part of their art curriculum. Truly a win/win. He gathers the cards from the participating schools and has EVS deliver them to the patients rooms. Countless patients have been positively affected and deeply moved by these lovely thoughts.

In fact, the program so touched the lives of patients and coworkers, several other CHI facilities have contacted him to get information so they can start their own “Help with Healing” programs!

Thank you, Jeff, for enhancing our patient’s experience. #CHILivingOurMission