Just Say “No” to Pokémon Go in Our Facilities

Pokemon GoAre you caught up in the Pokémon Go craze? Have you reached your 10,000 steps in a quest to catch a rare Pokémon character before noon?

While Pokémon Go has gotten many a couch potato off and running, it’s important to think about what places are inappropriate to go when playing the game. Hospitals, clinics, physician offices and other health care-related places are at the top of our list.

Not only are these no-photo-or-video zones, patients – and their privacy and safety – are our first priority.

We don’t want Pokémon Go players “poking” around in places they shouldn’t be, such as restricted areas, lobbies, patient areas, emergency departments, or even facility parking lots.

Have fun with Pokémon Go but be respectful regarding where you play, and make sure the game photos you take and post online don’t violate the privacy of a person or place (no game is worth risking a privacy breach.) In addition to not playing the game at CHI locations, be careful when you play in places or situations that may result in a visit to one of CHI’s wonderful emergency departments – while driving or walking with your head down looking at your phone, on busy sidewalks, in dark alleys, or near train or light rail platforms.

In addition to the fun of Pokémon Go, there are some security issues that you should know about. Visit CHI Secure for more information.

Remember – use good judgment, pay attention to where the game takes you, be respectful of people and property, and keep CHI privacy and security policies in mind, along with protecting your own personal information.