Kevin Carlisle Recognized as a Service Hero at Hot Springs

Congratulations to Kevin Carlisle, manager for the Hospitalist Department, for being recognized as a Service Hero at Hot Springs. He put our values into action by demonstrating EXCELLENCE and INTEGRITY after working tirelessly to ensure our patients always have access to physicians on duty. Read his nomination:

Kevin manages scheduling, credentialing, and daily operations. Allocation of resources to provide physician coverage for a facility this size is a challenge. We have 150-180 patient encounters a day, and physician coverage must be arranged 24 hours a day to meet this need. Kevin rises to this task continually, while keeping over 15 physicians licensed, credentialed, and reasonably happy. He participates in critical committees and interfaces with the administrative team daily. He is worthy of honor based on his job performance alone, but I nominate him for another reason.

Recently a coworker’s son was hospitalized for a critical illness. This physician was scheduled for over 11 scheduled shifts and Christus Dubois coverage in a 7 day period. Many physicians available for cross coverage were out of town. Kevin cajoled, coerced, and generally twisted arms where necessary to ensure that patients in our facility had physician access during this period. He worked tirelessly and was available at all times. Although he was proficient in these duties, the real excellence in his work is his caring as a Godly servant.

Kevin is a daily inspiration to me. He never complains about trivial issues, and he bears personal hardships prayerfully and stoically. He reminds me of that description of John F Kennedy, who long suffered chronic pain from war injuries and weakness from Addison’s disease: JFK “had been described as someone who would never complain, which is substantial considering his physical suffering and back pain.” Physicians can be finicky and capricious, but Kevin just chuckles and fixes problems. When I have faced personal stresses, he has been quick to offer a prayer for me, and I greatly appreciate his concern and faithfulness. It seems that some people have more effective prayer based on personal faith. Theologians might argue that this is false, but like my wife I feel Kevin is one of those people with a special “hot-line” to God.

As our coworker and his family were suffering a horrible time, Kevin coordinated information exchange among our physician friends and partners. Many were concerned and hungered for information and ways to help. With the family’s permission, Kevin distributed information. Ultimately Kevin led prayer with a group of physicians from multiple religious backgrounds. I’m not sure how many managers would so faithfully and reverently lead a significant number of physicians in prayer in the manner that Kevin did. Although we are a Catholic organization, I feel this cross-cultural and religious prayer time was especially meaningful.

Kevin works as a humble and Godly servant every day, but he led especially dutifully and reverently during this difficult time. I proudly nominate Kevin as a CHI Service Hero.

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