Krista Rivers Named Service Hero at Infirmary

Krista Rivers, Patient Transport, was named Service Hero at the Infirmary for displaying the value of COMPASSION. Krista stepped in to help a Hospice patient whose last wish was to visit the Chapel. Krista first spoke to the patient’s family to comfort them and help take their mind off their loved one’s situation.

When the patient was able to be transported to the Chapel, Krista took time to speak with each family member, explaining what was happening and ensured they were able to get the time they needed with their loved one in the Chapel, creating this lasting memory. On the way out of the Chapel, the family asked to stop at the fountain, by the statue so they could get a picture.

Krista was nominated by James Roberts who says,

“Krista’s compassion for her patients and her ability to connect with her patients makes her one of the most caring people I have ever met.”