Lab and Mother Baby Unit Teamwork Nets Sustained Excellence

2PKUTeamBobby Abbott, Market Director, Laboratory Department and his team, along with Jenny Bowe, Market Director, Mother Baby Unit and her team, have been recognized for having sustained excellence in improving the delivery time of our PKU blood specimens to the Arkansas Department of Health. The state average for newborn screening specimens arriving in the lab within 48 hours was 80.4 percent in calendar year 2015. CHI St. Vincent provided samples within the required time 94.7 percent of the time. Only three other hospitals, out of a total of 41, had a comparable record.

A phenylketonuria (PKU) test is performed to check if a newborn has the enzyme needed to use the amino acid phenylalanine for normal growth and development. PKU blood specimens must be received preferably within one business day and no more than 48 hours after collection. This leads to higher quality samples and more rapid diagnosis and treatment for babies who lack the needed PKU amino acid.

Congratulations to the Lab Department and Mother Baby Unit for great work in caring for our newborns needs.