Leaders Gather for Journey

_pic2More than 125 leaders from our hospitals and clinics gathered at the Benton Events Center to continue on our Living Our Mission “Journey.”

CEO Chad Aduddell kicked off the Leadership Development Institute (LDI) centering the group around our “why” and talking about our mission. He also reviewed our Living Our Mission measures, the nine areas that constitute “what” we have set as goals for the next three years.

Chad then introduced the “how” of achieving these goals — evidence-based leadership principles pioneered by Quint Studer and his team of coaches. Our speaker, Dan Collard, outlined a three-year plan focused on improving Living Our Mission measures specifically around giving leaders tools and coaching them through skills development.

“This journey is a marathon, not a sprint,” according to Dan. “We’ve worked with hundreds of hospitals and health systems and consistently have helped them achieve remarkable results around goals for patient experience, safety and quality — which are all interrelated.”

We also introduced a new hashtag campaign for social media. Watch for more of #CHILivingOurMission pics and videos.

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