Lights, Camera, Action: Hot Springs Recognition Feb. 26

LCACHI St. Vincent Hot Springs always makes the patient experience the best it can be! Join us as we recognize our coworkers who have gone above and beyond!
Friday, February 26
11 am – 2 pm
Dublin Room
Snacks and root beer will be served as we take the time to recognize each other for the incredible service
we provide.

Every day many co-workers at CHI St Vincent Hot Springs touch our patients lives in a meaningful way that they will often never forget.  We hear about some of those impactful interactions though our Patient Experience reports from Health Stream and through our daily administrative rounding.  The co-worker may never know what their simple smile, a few kind words, or assistance with something that was needed meant to that patient.  On Friday (2/26/16) CHI St Vincent will celebrate co-workers that were referenced by our patients during the Health Stream telephone calls and administrative rounding.  Overall, CHI St Vincent Hot Springs continues to make progress towards our goal of having our patients rate that we ALWAYS met all of the expectations that patients have when in the hospital.  There is still a gap from where we are to where we are going to be but with our continued focus by all of our co-workers we will close that gap quickly.  All of the work everyone does every day is appreciated by all of the leadership at CHI St Vincent so please join us in the Dublin Room this Friday for some snacks and fellowship between 11a and 2p.   Thank You!

Some co-workers referenced as exceeding expectations of the patients we care for:

Glenn Crowe, PCT, Cath Lab Recovery

Cassi Brown, RN, Emergency Dept.

Dr. Oyidie Igbokidi, Cardiologist

Eda Bottoms, RN, 4W

Dorothy Orrell, EVS Tech

Jamie Smith, RN, 2W

Vickie Ford, Admitting Rep

Monique Soumanou, PCT, 3W

Dr. Tom Hollis Jr., Hospitalist

Shawna Norman, PCT, Float Pool