Linda Mullins Recognized as a Service Hero at Infirmary

Congratulations to Linda Mullins, Unit Coordinator for Outpatient Infusion Center, for being recognized as a Service Hero at the Infirmary. She put our values into action by demonstrating EXCELLENCE after acting quickly when a patient began choking. Read a snip from her nomination:

While waiting for one of my infusion treatments, I started choking, couldn’t breathe, couldn’t dislodge whatever was in my throat. It was one of the most frightening things in my life. The next thing I knew, I was picked up from behind and was looking down at the junk I had just thrown up on myself and the floor. Ms. Linda Mullins who works in the lab, did a pile driver number on me and saved me from what would have been something very terrible. I’d rather have another heart attack and surgery than go through that again. I thank this very special woman for acting as she did. She’s a very fine worker in the lab, and can always depend on what she tells me.

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