Media: AY Article Promotes 3D Mammography

Mammo - Ay breastMammography dates back to 1913 when Albert Salomon attempted to visualize breast cancer through radiography. Modern-day mammography techniques were developed in the late ‘60s and have evolved with time and new technology. Today, mammography is hailed as one of the most effective ways to detect breast cancer. The effort to defeat this disease and prevent deaths due to breast cancer has been given a powerful tool with the advent of 3D mammography in 2013.

CHI St. Vincent Breast Center in partnership with Radiology Associates, PA, is the only private facility in Central Arkansas offering 3D mammography at this time.

Dr. Jerry Gehl is the medical director for the CHI St. Vincent Breast Center; he has practiced medicine for 35 years and has specialized in breast imaging for 20.

Read the whole article here. As seen in AY Magazine.

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