Medical Group Leadership on the Road to Wash Windows

scott-car-washThe Medical Group (our clinics throughout Central Arkansas and Hot Springs) is active on their journey toward coworker engagement. To celebrate and say thanks to their teams, leaders from the Medical Group are driving to each location and washing the windows of their coworker’s vehicles.

Along the way, their delivering Heritage Week gifts of sunshield (visors) for cars.

Here’s one of many thank you notes from staff who are so appreciative of this engagement effort:

“Just want to say THANK YOU for coming out to the clinics and doing this for the staff!!! It was really great to see you all and was a lot of fun for the staff to see you all having fun doing something just for them!! Hope the pics will be shown to everyone!!”

Check out the album below. #CHILivingOurMission #CHIPraiseAndCelebration