MOvember Yeti Cup Winners

Yetis have moustaches and now coworkers, with and without moustaches, have Yetis. Jason Mohan from Little Rock and Mark Meyers and  Brooke Copeland from Hot Springs were among Movember Yeti cup winners.  That’s them showing off their Yeti cups.

They, and the list of co-workers below, won the cups by participating in Movember events to nudge the men in our lives to live healthier and have a primary care doctor.

Yeto Winner Mohan Yeti Winner Meyers Yeti Winner Copeland









The winners are:

Rhonda Dixon – Conway Interfaith
Karen Nill – Little Rock
Jennifer Berkemeyer – Morrilton
Dea Shatterly – North
Robin Rushing – Malvern Clinic